Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyone Loves Gadgets

Over the weekend I watched a show on the History Channel called 101 Gadgets That Changed the World.  It was a two hour recap of what they thought were the biggest "game changers" in the gadget world.  The number one gadget was the smart phone!  When I first saw this I shrugged my shoulders and thought that they made a mistake.  I mean the smart phone beat out things like the zipper, radio, TV, and even the personal computer!  Smart phones have only been around for a few years and they already topped the list?  Wow...that really says something about their power and potential!

So, I stepped back for a second and thought...

They did mention that the smart phone did pack at least 15 different gadgets into one small package that can fit in your pocket.  And, the Swiss Army knife and Leatherman multi-tool both made the list so I guess an electronic version of these should too.  I have only owned my Android phone for a few months and I use it constantly.  It connects me to my email, news, weather, sports, movies, games, maps/GPS, social media, my fantasy football teams, and a ton more!  It's absolutely amazing what you can do with a smart phone!  Between the internet access and all of the apps that have been developed, your phone can help out with almost anything.  And, they just keep getting faster and more powerful at an incredible pace.

So, I don't know if I can totally agree that the smart phone is the most important gadget to change the world...yet.  But, I think it is well on its way!

What do you think?  In your opinion, what is the gadget that has changed the world most or has the potential to be a "super gadget"?

Have fun with those gadgets!

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